Saturday, December 02, 2006


Starring: Will Clark, Alec Powers, Brad King, Thomas Lloyd, Austin Woods, Craig Stevens, Peter Roth, Joshua Michaels
Directed by Bruce Cam
Titan Media
84 Minutes

Will Clark and Craig Stevens open this nature lover’s dream as Will immediately buries his face into one of Craig’s pits somewhere in a remote part of the Fern Falls Resort on the Russian River. The two of them dispense with the formalities of their clothing in record time. Will is built, aggressive, and fair while his partner is darker and smoother. They smack and spit at each other through a brief foreplay until Craig runs his tongue through the crack of Will’s fine, fine ass. A 69 ensues and both prove to be experts in the art of giving head. The aerial shots are phenomenal!

The couple moves locations and resume what they’ve started inside on a plank laid across a dry creek. Will gets pounded nicely from behind as Craig services his eager hole out in the open air. Will’s ass, with its dusting of reddish fur, then rides a dildo deftly until they both shoot their respective love all over Craig’s torso.

Austin is then woken from a sound sleep in the greenhouse by Thomas’s tongue moving across his bare chest. Austin doesn’t seem to mind much and, before you know it, his cock is disappearing into Lloyd’s mouth. Austin returns the favor and sucks on the cock and balls offered from above as Thomas rides his face for a bit and then his ass for a bit longer. The daybed groans along with Woods until Lloyd shoots a massive load on his back (he shoots for distance, too!)

Alec Powers and Brad King then step off the beaten path for a little afternoon delight among the trees. Alec wears boxers, while Brad sports briefs and this must be another case of opposites attracting and getting it on in the woods. Alec is the first to go down on the appreciative King, but tables are soon turned and Alec’s husky encouragements make Brad work that uncut trunk in his mouth pretty hard. Powers gets rimmed against a tree, but Brad is the one to ultimately bottom against the same Redwood.

There is a prolonged solo sequence before Redwood concludes with Josh Michaels servicing Peter Roth and Craig Stevens through meticulously carved glory holes. That boy is talented and keeps both of them rock hard as Roth and Stevens maul one another on the other side. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the forest, Austin, Alec, and Brad are having their own threesome. The first ménage later migrates to join the second and, well, you do the math...