Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Titan Express

Starring: Tom Vacarro, Rick Hammersmith, Glen McKalaster, Todd Stevens, Mark Everett, Tony Bullit, Cliff Parker, Adam Wilde, Rick Matthews, and Kirk Alan
Directed by Brian Mills
Titan Media
104 Minutes

Titan Express opens with a chase scene through the fading sunlight of the South of Market area in San Francisco. Cliff Parker pursues Mark Everett (an employee of the Titan Express Delivery Company) onto a roof overlooking the Central Freeway until Everett (literally) gets backed into a corner. He throws the bag of money at his assailant, but Parker refuses and grabs Mark’s cock instead. Pursued and pursuer move inside and Parker runs his tongue through the density of his prey’s pits. Everett is exactly the kind of man I want to see on film with a nice, dark beard, plenty of chest hair, and an ass full of thick, fetid fur. Thief and victim get acquainted on a table in an empty body shop and pry each other open with their tongues and fingers until Cliff takes Mark from behind in one of the best aerial sequences I have ever seen. Everett gets flipped on his back and there are some phenomenal shots of his luscious ass getting filled to the brim with Cliff’s expert cock. Mark takes over for the finale and stuffs his formidable tool into Parker’s tight hole, but I still couldn’t take my eyes off of Everett’s lickable crevice even as he bounced above his newfound bottom.

Meanwhile, in the Titan Express offices, Ric has called Tom Vaccaro in on his day off to take care of some business and the two proceed to fuck on the clock. Hammersmith is blond and muscular, albeit relatively smooth, but Vacarro sports some nice curls from head to toe. Back out in the field, Kirk and Tony get off in another garage while debating whether some strange (and massive) cargo will fit into Kirk’s truck. (Both wear moustaches that scream, “Ride me!”) Kirk plumbs the depths of Tony’s ass in an athletic display of desire before Tony takes over and returns the favor. More shots from above highlight Alan’s dense pubes and hairy torso.

Ric and Tom then rope Matthews into a virtual three-way via videophone and he gets off solo on his couch before making a delivery to another customer who rides his moderately hairy ass on a desk as soon as he steps into the apartment.

More packages are dispatched throughout the SoMa district while Hammersmith simultaneously rides Vacarro and mans the phones at the same time. Tom’s climax closes the film and is a slow-motion masterpiece! He shoots all over his copious fur just before the credits roll on a release that truly delivers.