Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jeff Koons Takes Manhattan and Chicago Simultaneously!

Jeff Koons is one of today’s Critics’ Picks. Koons has a retrospective running at The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art through September 21st (see my photographic evidence above) and several installations on top of The Met in New York. Unfortunately, I was a day early for the opening in Chicago, but Ovation TV was filming on the 30th, so I took advantage of the fact that the security guards seemed to be distracted by the cameras and temporarily blinded by the bright lights to preview the show on my own.

When I saw Triple Hulk Elvis I I thought, “Warhol, much?” although I really liked it (hoping all the while that it wasn’t some sort of product tie-in for the lastest Hulk remake). Don’t quote me on this, but I think that I also saw Hanging Heart swinging like a massive glossy teste from the ceiling while I was poking around, but I could not (as hard as I tried) find that goddamn Rabbit that I worship like Seitan.

I'll keep looking, though, and you should catch one or both of these shows if you live, or find yourself suddenly, in New York and/or Chicago.