Monday, February 25, 2008

The 2008 GAYVN Awards in San Francisco

I would have posted these sooner, but Northworst Airlines lost my luggage after dropping me back in the middle of the cornfield over seventeen hours late. (Needless to say, I swore like a trucker once I reached the city of my final destination.) Here are some photos from this year’s GAYVN Awards in San Francisco that were lost, temporarily, in transit:

With a grateful, charming, and very muscular Jake Deckard, winner of both The Performer of the Year and The Best Actor Awards for 2007.

Rick van Sant, nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, attempted to teach me a few words in Dutch while I snapped this photo. (“Cheese” sounds like a very guttural “laugh” or “lock,” by the way.)

With newly-minted Hall-of-Famer Tiger Tyson, director (and star!) of the Best Ethnic-Themed Video award for Tiger’s Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine! (What a fuckin' riot this guy was and his smile lit up The Gift Center (literally)!)

Suddenly, I found myself knee-deep in the infamous Chi Chi LaRue with no choice, really, but to cop a feel and smile for the camera.

Gino Colbert didn’t recognize me at first, but then I reminded him of our time together at Theatre Rhino during Ronnie Larsen’s 10 Naked Men road show a few years ago.

Joe Sheppard, winner of the award for Best Non-Sexual Performance for his work in The Intern, was one of the funniest men that I met all night!

One of the highlights of the show for me was meeting ridiculously beefy Southern bottom, Ty LeBeouf. (Is he super fine, or what?)

My head is still spinning from the excitement of it all, but I'm already looking forward to judging next year's awards.