Sunday, October 01, 2006

Homo Dorm Slutz #17

Starring: Jacques deLovely, Biff, Chyp, Tank McNasty, Art Haus, Taisler, Matt Wyoming, Cody
Directed by Professor If
Academic Productions
69 Minutes

It’s almost hard to believe that the original Homo Dorm Slutz was released only two months ago, but Professor If & Co. have been BUSY. True to the successful formula, Academic Productions set up shop in another sleepy college town (North Adams, Massachusetts, maybe?) and filmed this new release, guerilla-style, in the dorms and locker rooms over the course of another frenzied (and naked) 48 hours.

Q: How many times can a bar of soap be dropped in one porno?
A: Eighty-seven, that’s how many...

Biff and Chyp get this party started with a slippery fuck in a freshman dorm before Art and Taisler show up for round two. (Scary things involving scrub brushes and shampoo bottles ensue...) Cody and deLovely catch a beefy goalie off guard after a late-night skate and score over and over again on center ice (literally). Tank McNasty, the gay-for-pay jock bottom, takes two for the team (simultaneously) on a frat-house pool table before Matt Wyoming makes switch hitters out of half of the baseball team.

It’s “no more pencils, no more books,” just full-on fornication at this Northeastern school. Find out where the Homo Dorm Slutz will strike next when installment #18 hits the shelves in about three days...