Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Screw "The [Fake] Housewives!"

Your new must-see TV might turn out to be Meet Mr. McMann the documentary series about “the quintessential everyman who just happens to be America’s favorite male escort. Follow Mr. McMann and his adventures as he travels from Vegas to New York to Palm Springs, and every nook in between, servicing clients with back rubs, foot massages, and his own private version of TLC.”

Rusty McMann has recently stepped away from porn to focus on escorting and on this new show and you can sign up here to receive exclusive behind-the-scenes footage before the series premieres.

McMann, among other things, has written for Art & Understanding, The San Francisco Chronicle, and for Salon.com (read his riotous “Confessions of a Call Bear” here).

A fantastic combination of brain and brawn, Mr. McMann is a top who enjoys domestic and international travel, fine food, strong coffee, and movies featuring either Colin Firth or George Clooney, butt he looks great from behind doesn’t he?