Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Easy Bears

Starring: Robert Elephanté, Gus Ericson, Cliff Douglas, Jimmy Z, Ross Scott, Cajun Luby, Boyd Somers, Clint Taylor
Directed by Sean North
70 Minutes

Some of the indefinable qualities that make New Orleans such a unique and sexually-charged American city have been captured in this new release from BearFilms.com (which is no small feat, let me tell you!) Big Easy Bears conveys the energy, the mood, and the mystique of The French Quarter to the uninitiated in a series of four hot and sticky scenes (with a little something extra for dedicated fur fans at the end, as well).

Clint Taylor (see the very handsome man above) takes charge of the opener in an aggressive one-on-one with Gus Ericson before the two are joined by the lithe, and extremely accommodating, Cajun Luby. The spirited threesome takes place on a job site behind a bar and there is plenty of rimming and cock sucking before Taylor shoves his meaty tool into Luby’s svelte ass from behind while the eager bottom services Ericson orally. Taylor is smokin’, as always, but looks particularly great shooting his thick load into Ericson’s proffered palm at the end of all of this blue-collar action.

Big bears, Boyd Somers and Jimmy Z, smack it, lick, and fuck it in the second scene on a massive bed draped with Mardi Gras beads and masks at a gay B&B in the heart of The Quarter. Plenty of trash talking in this sequence as Z bottoms (loudly) for Somers. There are some great location shots from the gay end of Bourbon Street at the beginning of the next fantasy sequence that is set in a cavernous, empty parlor that is ablaze in afternoon sun and features Clint Taylor and Ross Scott in a very passionate tryst that unfolds underneath an opulent crystal chandelier. Taylor chows down on Scott’s ass before he pounds it for all it’s worth. Scott looks phenomenal in his leather harness and cock ring as does Taylor with his own studded cock ring and fleur-de-lys tattoos.

Cliff Douglas is a hot-ass blond bear who offers up his hairy hole to Boyd Somers and Robert Elephanté in the fourth, and final, scene of Big Easy Bears. Douglas is raunchy and watching him indulging his own kink is thrilling to see. Spread wide in a leather and chain-link sling, his ass gets invaded first by the shaft, and then by the ribbed handle, of a nightstick before getting stretched by both ends of a double-sided dildo. But before Douglas gets done by Elephanté, Somers bottoms for him (briefly) in the sling. And then Elephanté takes over and is balls-deep in Douglas’s eager ass before Cliff shoots an impressive load onto his own furry chest for the grand finalé. The outtakes during the credits are pretty funny and the bonus oral scene, featuring Ross Scott servicing Cliff Douglas off the clock, is unexpectedly intense.

Shot on location at The Sunburst Inn Guest House and at John Paul’s Bar, Big Easy Bears should do wonders for travel and tourism in New Orleans, but don’t call The Chamber of Commerce for this one. Dial up the fine folks at BearFilms.com, instead, and laissez les bear balls rouler!