Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dutch Disco Bears Attack!

This ain’t no late-breaking news, but this Dutch manband is one of my favorite new discoveries of late. BearForce1 is four (or five, if you count Eddi) bears from the Netherlands (and Italy, if you count Eddi) who manufacture ridiculously catchy Europop. Their latest effort doesn’t seem to have a title, but is referred to alternately as the “BearForce1 Song” and the “BearForce1 Single” and that’s kind of fitting because it’s more of a medley of exuberant karaoke covers from the likes of Donna Summer, Dead or Alive, and Yaz than, say, a single penned and performed by the band.

I’m kinda partial to Robert, the short, stocky singer with the salt-n-pepa goatee, despite the fact that he’s dressed like the quarry at a South Beach Easter egg hunt in the video.