Saturday, June 02, 2007


Starring: Frank Parker, Scott Morris, Chayse, Damian Knight, Eli Horst, Dakota, Billy Wild, Parker Wells, Devin Cockrum
Directed by Frank Parker
Factory Video Productions
72 Minutes

The first scene opens with some solo joystick practice with Chayse whose concentration is soon blown by a knock at the door. A man marked "Athlete" walks in (Eli Horst) and grabs the reigns and inhales Chayse’s cock, balls, and scrotum until he himself is unwrapped like an exquisite, hairy Christmas present. Black jeans are dispensed with and Athlete gets serviced and sixty-nined just for stopping by! Athlete’s fine, fine hairy ass (it truly verges on "plush") gets rimmed enthusiastically until the suckfest revs up once again. The red inflatable mattress underneath these two gets tested for quality when the man with the metal jammed through various body parts of his body gets pounded, and pounded, and pounded by Horst. Chayse proves to be quite flexible and waves his feet in the air like he’s trying to hail two cabs at once in rush-hour traffic. Roles reverse and Athlete slides down the proverbial pole and rides the pierced horse like a rodeo veteran. He then gets fucked up against the wall in a phenomenal sequence until their respective money shots. (Athlete gets a face full of love.)

Frank Parker and Dakota tag team Damian Knight for the opening of the next scene. Parker and his stunning ass are then adored by the two tattooed boys (who both look like they’ve been forced into the adult entertainment industry, just moments ago, after losing their TRL contracts at MTV). They suck, and they lick, and they blow Parker’s proverbial house right down! Chris provides a spirited oral prelude to the grand finale as he chokes on Joseph Kurtz for OINK’s extended third scene.

The four-way free for all at the end of this fine production is well worth the wait as everyone, and everything, gets sucked or fucked at one point or another. Parker, Wild, and Wells form a human chain and fuck for a while before Parker takes us into the group cum shot and into the credits. (God, I could watch his ass bounce for days!)